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We understands that you can call other companies for assistance. All of our customers – no matter if you’re a corporate or individual account – are important and we strive to provide fast response times to calls along I-55

In addition, our skilled and experienced operators and mobile service technicians:

In order to do this, we offer knowledgeable and highly trained dispatch operators to:

24 /7 Towing Services

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Battery Replacement

American Bulldog offers Battery replacements services on the road. Our Representative will replace the battery and you will be good to go to your destination

fluid delivery

(Oil, Antifreeze, Transmission Fluid, Washer Fluid) We deliver Fluid on road side to you. Just one Call and we will be there with any kind of Fluid you car might need.

dpf regeneration

American Bulldog offers best DPF Regen service. DPF is an assist to catch the remaining particulates left within the combustion cycle of the diesel engine. Available 24/7.

hauling transportation

24 Hour Towing

Licensed and insured, we routinely tow and recover cars, pickups, SUV’s motorcycles, forklifts and construction equipment. Our Tow Trucks serve in Monticello, Indiana & surrounding areas.

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Tire Changes

Fast, 24-hour roadside assistance. Our dedicated service trucks are equipped for jumpstarts, fuel delivery, tire changes and more. Just Google Tow Truck Near Me and choose American Bulldog!


Car won’t start? No worries! Call American Bulldog Towing now and we’ll dispatch a certified professional to your location in Monticello, Indiana and surrounding areas. Give us a call 24/7/365!

Fast Tow Truck Services Near You


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