Founder and CEO

Ryan McGrail

As a father of three daughters and one son, I have worked for five different towing companies over the years ten plus in the industry, including relocating my family to work for a company in the capacity of assisting administration with the management of the terminal and reporting directly to the owner and two Operation Managers.

My career started with zero experience in Towing and began with driving a blue and yellow international flatbed tow truck before being recruited to the position my family relocated for, where my growth in the industry expanded into the heavy duty sector, eventually my ambition to rise up in the industry led me to working at other companies and further expanded my grown as a towing operator to a 50 ton rotator.

After many years in the business working for other my wife and myself elected to start American Bulldog Towing And Recovery Corporation.

wreckmaster certified

WreckMaster #WM18084