Emergency Management & Recovery

Emergency Management

We have extensive experience in emergency recovery, and have an outstanding on-scene safety record. We have grown our fleet with specialized equipment to better service recovery situations (i.e. roll-overs/jack-knifed trailers) and helps us to reduce on-scene time – which ultimately results in a more efficient and cost effective job, a savings that is passed along to you.

Our fleet includes the following specialized equipment:

  • 23 Heavy duty
  • 8 Low boys
  • 75 Ton rotator wrecker
  • 60 Ton rotator wrecker
  • Air cushion service
  • Assorted fork lifts, front end loaders and refrigerator trailers

We work closely with various transit organizations as well as police and government agencies:

  • Port Authority
  • Port Authority Police
  • NJ Transit Police
  • Conrail
  • NY State Police
  • NJ State Police
  • County Police
  • Sheriff’s Departments
  • CSX Police
  • Prosecutor’s Office
  • County Police
  • FBI
  • local authorities

Our technicians are respected by all when they are on-scene. These organizations trust Tumino’s expertise and know that the situation will be handled carefully and professionally, helping to ensure an efficient resolution to challenging situations.

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